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We are Budapest A D C

Budapest A D C exists for you to let your creativity roam free and learn something new and exciting every week. All classes and workshops are in English although Spanish keeps popping up from time to time. Anyone with interest in any and all aspects of Art or Design are very welcome to our workshops and courses. It doesn't matter if you've never drawn a straight or curvy line in your life before or if you can't tell a couch and a sofa apart (no, we can't either) or if you are an open minded designer interested in getting your hands dirty with clay sculpting, you'll find something fun to do! Creativity, no stress, small groups, all round fun.

  • Anna Zeibig

    Interior design

    Budapest A D C is Anna's brainchild and the idea came to her some time in 2015 after several years of doing her Interior Design Courses and Workshops in Budapest and around the globe (Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, Barcelona, Madrid, Tel Aviv, Vienna). She not only does interior design these days but also jewelry design, check out her 2019 collection here or be social and like and follow her on social media!

    Anna's course calendar

  • Panni Véssey

    Textile design

    Panni is a textile designer based in Budapest who loves mixing materials and experimenting with structures in weaving. She created her own school Textil Suli in 2012 where she holds mostly weaving courses and preperation courses for different universities (fashion design, textile design, fabric manipulation, print design, etc.) but all kinds of other fun workshops as well. Panni is also currently working as a freelance textile designer, creating interior spaces (space dividers, lampshades, etc.) and has tons of experience in alternative theater as a costume designer. And if that's not enough, she also created her own textile-jewelry brand producing unique structured yarn jewelry. Why not check out her social media channels if you are here anyway!

    Panni's course calendar

  • Mihaela Tom

    Floral design

    If the answer is Mihaela, the question must have been flowers! She is an experienced floral designer from Romania delivering her creations to clients in Budapest by bike. Her first course was in January 2016.

    Mihaela's course calendar

  • Neri Chauvin-Némethy

    French pastry, painting, art

    Neri is was born in Budapest, grew up in Germany and was living for many years in France. She established The French Pastry School Budapest back in 2013. Although her main profession is rehabilitation therapist (face muscle reconstruction) she is teaching every Sunday traditional french pastry and art in her beautiful school in the Buda hills. Her workshops are for children and adults, beginner and professional level as well. Registration is advised about two months ahead as her workshops are regularly fully sold out.

    Neri's course calendar

  • Oksana Devochkina

    Painting, art history

    Oksana has graduated from the Art Faculty of St. Petersburg State University with distinction. Her works were presented in the Arctic Museum of Modern Art in Norilsk, the Museum of Connections in St. Petersburg, among group and solo exhibitions in Hungary and Russia. She has been an editor of the online magazine Tutdesign about post-soviet art and design for 9 years. In Budapest Oksana has established her second cultural project - Kunstfuck Art Residency. There she runs painting courses, art history lectures, sketching tours and collaborates with contemporaries - artists from Vienna, Berlin, Antwerpen and Budapest. She involves her conceptual ideas into educational programs, helps beginners to start painting and professionals to get inspired by new challenges. Her personal projects research the topics of feminism, environment and immigration.

    Kunstfuck Art Residency

  • Daniela Pérez Nagel

    Textile design

    Daniela is a designer and illustrator from Santiago, Chile based in Budapest. Her passion is everything related to design, art, colors and texture. She started her own design store Blu Diseño y Ambientes in Chile, lived for a while in Australia working at Sofa & Soul and more recently started to create her own fabric collection. What is even more important to you all is that she enjoys teaching and does textile design workshops in Budapest! If textile design doesn't mean much to you (yet) check her out on instagram!

    Daniela's course calendar

  • Jasmin Valiyeva

    Fashion Illustration

    Jasmin is a fashion illustrator and designer from Baku, Azerbaijan. Although her major is in finance, she is following her passion for fashion illustration and has participated in several fashion design projects in Azerbaijan. She has regular Fashion Illustration classes and various workshops like Illustration and Digital Design, Face Chart Drawing and Make-up, etc. in Budapest and few other countries in collaboration with different artist. If you are interested in illustrations, follow her on Instagram and send a message to get more information about classes or workshops!

    Jasmin's course calendar

  • Jutka Fischer

    Ceramics and pottery

    Jutka is a British artist, her ceramics are in several museum collections world-wide and her latest exhibition was at the International Ceramics Biennale in Cluj, Romania. In addition to being a working artist she has been teaching ceramics and pottery for all age groups for over a decade. And her favorite musician is Bob Dylan! If you are interested in her ceramics and pottery classes please get in touch!

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